Hi. This is my website.

I'm born in MA, raised in CO and live in Los Angeles.

CREATIVE EXECUTIVE: Producer, marketer, publicist, media buyer, writer, creator.

PERFORMER: Comedian, actor, musician.


• 2 kids
• 11 Ovation Nominations, 1 win
• Helped triple revenue in 20 companies
• Written/produced over a thousand commercials
• Produced "Urinetown; The Musical" in a wastewater management building
• Won: Laugh Across America, Survival of the Wittiest, & the Las Vegas Comedy Festival
• Wrote & directed four, original sketch/music shows in six months
• Publicist: Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers + 100
• Have a hand in Lone Wolf PR and Reel Filming
• I can make it rain. (and snow inside)
Thank you for stopping by. Have an awesome day.