Hi. This is my website. I talk too much and like ideas.

I moved from Colorado to L.A. in 2008 and live in a house in SoLo (south Los Feliz).

I'm a job cobbler; comedian, actor, ad guy and make a mean commercial. I also enjoy writing, directing, producing and music. lots of music.

I've been an ad guy, performer, media strategist and promoter for decades. I made shows in garages at 8 and then Urinetown in a Wastewater Management building.

My comedy won Laugh Across America, Survival of the Wittiest and the Las Vegas Comedy Festival. My ad firm's called Lone Wolf PR. and my production studio is Reel Filming.

I was recently cast in two commercials running at the same time. Earlier in the year was Head Writer/Director/Producer of four, original sketch comedy shows at Second City.

I like making people laugh and business. lots of business. My sarcastic wit rarely serves me well but sometimes I say cool, dated things like "it's ON like DONKEY KONG."
Thank you for stopping by. Have an awesome day.